A survey tool developed by researchers for researchers but also for consultancy firms, public organisations, students and all others that wants to collect data using an up-to-date and flexible survey solution

Some of the features

Multi language support

Svenska, Norsk, Finnish, English, German, French, Spanish.

Work as a team

Team features to easily share and develop your survey within your team, class or organization

Keep all your research data in one place

Safe storage of your collected data at own server hosted in Falun, Sweden - no cloud based storage.


Choice randomisation in online surveys is a research technique used to display the answer options randomly to survey respondents. It prevents order bias caused due to the tendency of respondents to choose the first option when the same order is presented to different respondents.

Public Participation GIS

Include public participation geographic information system features within your survey form. Built-in spatial analysis model for your geo questions. Data can be downloaded as GeoJSON format files and imported to QGIS or ArcGIS for further analysis.

Statistical analysis model

Provides the ability to perform statistical analysis on your survey without the need to download and import your data to other statistical tools.

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Description Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Number of accounts 1 1 1 Unlimited
Number of stored surveys 3 15 20 Unlimited
Number of survey questions 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of responses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Export data (CSV)
Export data (GeoJSON)
Copy pages and questions from other surveys that you own
Analysis model
Email support
PPGIS model (Embed questions into maps, and respondents answer by dropping pins or drawing lines and polygons on the map.)
Teamwork feature
Monthly cost free 200 kr 500 kr Contact us
Annual cost free 2 000 kr
400 kr
5 000 kr
2 000 kr


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